Elephants are killed by the hundreds in a month for two reasons: loss of habitat due to humans overflowing population and second, the fortune brought by their tusks. Since ivory is valuable costing about $300 per tusk, poaching is rampant still in Africa in spite of numerous bans and campaigns against it. However, only adult elephant tusks are harvested, orphaning young ones. This is the sad story behind the adoption of Jumbo, a South African elephant whose family was killed in exchange of blood ivory. Jumbo was taken to an american animal sanctuary for care.and rehabilitation when it was five months old. This is an attempt to survive the few remaining off springs since the population of their kind has been decreasing over the years.

Jumbos’ environment in the sanctuary was almost similar to her habitat in Africa — it had man made lake and a mini forest. Since everything is man made, eventually, people in the sanctuary had to make adjustments especially, Bubbles is starting to grow bigger than what her lair could accommodate. The sanctuary then hired a contractor who is also a farm owner to build Jumbo a swimming pool. This man had a puppy he sold to the sanctuary to become a doctor dog. By the time the pool was finished, the puppy was old enough to play with other rescued animals and serve as their stress reliever. One of her first patients was Jumbo.

One contractor from Alabama was hired by an American animal sanctuary to build a new swimming pool for the rescued African Elephant, Jumbo. Jumbo was adopted for rehabilitation when it was five months old but currently, Jumbo is a 9000-pound- elephant that needed a bigger shelter. This contractor had a farm and was taking care of a labrador who just gave birth to two puppies. One was adopted and the other one, he sold to the sanctuary.

The sanctuary took care of this pup they called Bella to be one of its first doctor dog for their animals assisted therapy for animals. Building the pool took a couple of weeks and by the time it was finished, this pup was already big enough for its first patient. The first animal Bella assisted was Jumbo. One time, Jumbo was in the pool and Bella was just sitting by her. One of the animal trainers threw a tennis ball to Bella but it fell to Jumbos’ swimming pool. Jumbo who was still submerged, used its trunk to throw the ball back to the trainor.

Bella, probably thinking the elephant was playing with her, caught the ball and ran back to Jumbo, dropping the ball to the pool. Jumbo again pushed the ball out the pool and Bella fetched it again. For the third time, Jumbo stood and threw the ball farther and the catching and throwing went on for longer. A few moments after that, Jumbo and Bella were on land as the dog continuously plays with the ball running under and around Jumbo. And every time Jumbo would catch the ball, she would puff it farther away and Bella would scurry to get it back. Up to this day, the two would continue playing fetch but this time they do it with anything around, balls, sticks, or even an employee’s shoe.