One of the coolest friendships that could happen would probably one nobody expects — that between a huge animal and a smaller one. What is more surprising is that they are not even of the same kind — Jumbo, an elephant and her dog assistant for rehabilitation, Bella. The two started being bonded when Bella started playing with Jumbo as her doctor dog for an American animal sanctuary’s new project: the animal assisted rehabilitation for animals.

Particularly, when a tennis ball accidentally fell into a pool that these two played fetch with. It is now a normal sight that whenever Jumbo would dip in the pool, Bella would position herself by Jumbo, and the latter would suck water and spray it all over Bella, giving it a shower. This would be done repetitively until Bella would eventually jump to the pool to swim around and as she does this, Jumbo would keep on spraying water on her. Sometimes, when Jumbo wants to be alone, she would scoop Bella with her tusk and carry it out of the pool. Of course, Bella would jump back and Jumbo would do the same. There was one time after Bella jumped to the pool for the third time that Jumbo scooped her and carried her in the farthest area from the pool. But Bella still managed to jump to the water before Jumbo could dip in again. That instant, Jumbo gave Bella a tusk shower, which Bella still enjoyed.

The elephant growing tired, just let her stay there. Their water play became more fun when employees started giving the two beach balls that Jumbo would balance on her trunk. These too, would be puffed somewhere out of the pool which Bella would run after and as of this moment, they have broken about fifty beach balls and counting!

Jumbos’ way to tease Bella is to keep the ball under her feet for the dog to get or to wrap it in her tusk forbidding Bella to reach it. Sometimes, the two seem to play golf using the beach balls and Jumbos’ tusk as the club. There was one time when a beach ball was stuck in one of the tree’s branches and Bella was just barking at it. Everyone was in awe when Jumbo took the ball and gave it back to Bella. There was also a time when Bella was barking at something above another tree so Jumbo bent down to let Bella climb her back to reach whatever is up there.

Sometimes, the two would walk in circles around the shelter with Bella riding Jumbos’ back. The trip would end up by the pool as Bella takes a wonderful leap to dive into the water and Jumbo would follow suit.